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WiiKey 2 : Wii Mod Chip

Thumbs Up for the Wiikey Modchip

wiikey 2 mod chipFirst generation modchip WiiKey has received rave review for its ease of use.  Introduced in early 2007, the WiiKey mod chip was quickly snapped up by gamers who are into modding their consoles. The WiiKey 2 mod chip is installed on the Wii DVD drive chip and not on the Nintendo Wii motherboard making it undetectable by the wii firmware.  It causes the DVD identification sensor to read a backup or copy CD as an original and send a message to the motherboard to run the CD as such.  The WiiKey mod chip directly boots Wii backups (iso files burned to a DVD-R), Game Console backups, and homebrew.

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Not bigger than an Australian $2 coin in size, the WiiKey and WiiKey2 mod chip is easy to handle.  Installation, though, is best left to professionals since it entails soldering.  It comes in a small plastic pack with includes a short length of wire to use in installing the wii key modchip on the DVD drive chip.  It has six soldering holes which can be used to attach it to the DVD drive.  The WiiKey mod chip can be installed by a professional in less than 30 minutes.

DVD burned backups can be read by DVD drives mod with the wii key 2 after the mod chip installation.  CD game backups are recommended to be burned at 4x speed to make it reliable.  The wii key mod chip is supported by D2B DVD drive chips.  For WiiKey2 mod chip compatibility, check for console versions and consult the product specifications list in the wiikey 2 mod chip’s website.

To boot Wii ISO files you must have a Mod-Chip in your console.
Buy at Console Source or Wii Repair (free shipping to USA & UK)

WiiKey2 picks up where WiiKey v1 left off and addseven more compatibility to the chip.

  • Compatible with Wii DVD chipset versions D2C, D2C-2, D2E, DMS, D2A, D2B,
  • Works on all region comnsoles - USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA
  • D2B "cut pin" drives work with WiiKey 2 without the need to connect the missing pins
  • Mod Chip firmavare can be Updated via DVD & Features configured via config DVD
  • Overider Region for both Wii and Gamecube original and backup games
  • Lets you boot all Wii original, import, and backup games and same for Gamecube
  • Supports multi-disc games, DVD-R, +R, +RW (no bitsetting required) and Dual Layer
  • Direct boot of homebrew applications and games in GC mode
  • Supports, SMG, SSBB, Mario Kart and other titles that some mods have problems with
  • Built in Streaming audio-fix for Gamecube games
  • Diskspeed configurable via DVD, with separate settings for different media types
  • Recovery mode makes it impossible to brick the chip with a bad flash
  • 8Mbit onboard flash for storing data and applications
  • Onboard status LEDs


Latest WiiKey 2 News direct from WiiKey2 site.

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Wii Mod Chips
* You have to have a ModChip in Your Wii to play backups. Without it Wii ISOs will not run.

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