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nintendo 64 n64 romsWhile you are downloading - leave a comment about the wii torrent and the game. Does the torrent downloaded fast or is it stuck at 99%? Is the wii iso in the torrent working like it should or were there any problems burning it - we would like to know!
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USA Wii ISO Game Torrent Details

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Torrent Filename:
Torrent Announce URL:
Torrent has several backup trackers

Torrent Info Hash:
Torrent Creation Date:
Wed, 21 Nov 2007 22:41:46 +0000
Internal Filename of Torrent:
This is a Multifile Torrent

1: File Name: pcn-scl.nfo. File Size: 1.88 KBs
2: File Name: pcn-scl.part001.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
3: File Name: pcn-scl.part002.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
4: File Name: pcn-scl.part003.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
5: File Name: pcn-scl.part004.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
6: File Name: pcn-scl.part005.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
7: File Name: pcn-scl.part006.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
8: File Name: pcn-scl.part007.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
9: File Name: pcn-scl.part008.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
10: File Name: pcn-scl.part009.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
11: File Name: pcn-scl.part010.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
12: File Name: pcn-scl.part011.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
13: File Name: pcn-scl.part012.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
14: File Name: pcn-scl.part013.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
15: File Name: pcn-scl.part014.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
16: File Name: pcn-scl.part015.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
17: File Name: pcn-scl.part016.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
18: File Name: pcn-scl.part017.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
19: File Name: pcn-scl.part018.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
20: File Name: pcn-scl.part019.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
21: File Name: pcn-scl.part020.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
22: File Name: pcn-scl.part021.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
23: File Name: pcn-scl.part022.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
24: File Name: pcn-scl.part023.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
25: File Name: pcn-scl.part024.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
26: File Name: pcn-scl.part025.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
27: File Name: pcn-scl.part026.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
28: File Name: pcn-scl.part027.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
29: File Name: pcn-scl.part028.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
30: File Name: pcn-scl.part029.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
31: File Name: pcn-scl.part030.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
32: File Name: pcn-scl.part031.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
33: File Name: pcn-scl.part032.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
34: File Name: pcn-scl.part033.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
35: File Name: pcn-scl.part034.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
36: File Name: pcn-scl.part035.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
37: File Name: pcn-scl.part036.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
38: File Name: pcn-scl.part037.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
39: File Name: pcn-scl.part038.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
40: File Name: pcn-scl.part039.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
41: File Name: pcn-scl.part040.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
42: File Name: pcn-scl.part041.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
43: File Name: pcn-scl.part042.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
44: File Name: pcn-scl.part043.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
45: File Name: pcn-scl.part044.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
46: File Name: pcn-scl.part045.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
47: File Name: pcn-scl.part046.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
48: File Name: pcn-scl.part047.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
49: File Name: pcn-scl.part048.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
50: File Name: pcn-scl.part049.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
51: File Name: pcn-scl.part050.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
52: File Name: pcn-scl.part051.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
53: File Name: pcn-scl.part052.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
54: File Name: pcn-scl.part053.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
55: File Name: pcn-scl.part054.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
56: File Name: pcn-scl.part055.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
57: File Name: pcn-scl.part056.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
58: File Name: pcn-scl.part057.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
59: File Name: pcn-scl.part058.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
60: File Name: pcn-scl.part059.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
61: File Name: pcn-scl.part060.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
62: File Name: pcn-scl.part061.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
63: File Name: pcn-scl.part062.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
64: File Name: pcn-scl.part063.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
65: File Name: pcn-scl.part064.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
66: File Name: pcn-scl.part065.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
67: File Name: pcn-scl.part066.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
68: File Name: pcn-scl.part067.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
69: File Name: pcn-scl.part068.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
70: File Name: pcn-scl.part069.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
71: File Name: pcn-scl.part070.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
72: File Name: pcn-scl.part071.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
73: File Name: pcn-scl.part072.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
74: File Name: pcn-scl.part073.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
75: File Name: pcn-scl.part074.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
76: File Name: pcn-scl.part075.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
77: File Name: pcn-scl.part076.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
78: File Name: pcn-scl.part077.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
79: File Name: pcn-scl.part078.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
80: File Name: pcn-scl.part079.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
81: File Name: pcn-scl.part080.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
82: File Name: pcn-scl.part081.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
83: File Name: pcn-scl.part082.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
84: File Name: pcn-scl.part083.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
85: File Name: pcn-scl.part084.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
86: File Name: pcn-scl.part085.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
87: File Name: pcn-scl.part086.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
88: File Name: pcn-scl.part087.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
89: File Name: pcn-scl.part088.rar. File Size: 47.68 MBs
90: File Name: pcn-scl.part089.rar. File Size: 47.22 MBs
91: File Name: pcn-scl.sfv. File Size: 2.61 KBs
Combined File Size: 4.14 GBs
Piece Size:
2 MBs
Torrent Comment:
Torrent Encoding:

Comments (17)

Topic: 445
5/5 (17)
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Cool Story Bro (United States) says...
Cool story bro, can you tell it again?
29th May 2012 2:37pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
luis (Thailand) says...
mentira funciona descargenlo de: luis ddr
2nd March 2012 9:29pm
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YouAllAreFailToBeHere (South Africa) says...
for (uint8 i = 0; i < ENCOUNTER_DEFENDER_NUMBER; ++i) DespawnNPC(uiDefenderGUID[i]); for (uint8 i = 0; i < ENCOUNTER_EARTHSHATTER_NUMBER; ++i) DespawnNPC(uiEarthshatterGUID[i]); for (uint8 i = 0; i < ENCOUNTER_ABOMINATION_NUMBER; ++i) DespawnNPC(uiAbominationGUID[i]); for (uint8 i = 0; i < ENCOUNTER_BEHEMOTH_NUMBER; ++i) ... Read More
22nd February 2012 8:36pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
YouAllAreFailToBeHere (Italy) says...
Don\'t You See It Fuck Up You Wii ?? You Are FAILLLLLLL STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID !!!!!!!Don\'t You See It Fuck Up You Wii ?? You Are FAILLLLLLL STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID !!!!!!!Don\'t You See It Fuck Up You Wii ?? You Are FAILLLLLLL STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID !!!!!!!Don\'t You See It Fuck Up You Wii ?? You Are FAILLLLLLL STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID !!!!!!!Don\'t You See It Fuck Up You Wii ?? You Are FAILLLLLLL STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID !!!!!!!Don\'t You See It Fuck Up You ... Read More
22nd February 2012 7:05pm
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dan (NTSC) says...
just did this easier than it sounds 1. make folder 2. save all rars to that folder 3. find rar part#1 with 7zip click extract files it will automatically combine to make you iso 4. note the icon of your iso can differ pending in if your using winrar or 7zip and so on hope this helps
9th February 2012 5:08pm
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lolz (Vietnam) says...
to combine files into 1 .iso you have to extract all files. Explanation: in the file No. 1 press the right click and press extract files, then press ok and wait. Then there will appear a new file, open the file and there will be the .iso combined. Sorry if i have an ortografic or gramatic error, i am from Panama.
28th January 2012 12:25pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
kip (Indonesia) says...
I could wright the complete explanation but i hate to type instructions i made a small video about it check it out here. http://www.freebuildawebsite.com
22nd November 2011 6:49pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
James (Turkey) says...
Exactly how to combine all 90 files into 1, i need spesific directions cuz its confusing
15th October 2011 11:42am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
killersb (France) says...
please seed!
5th September 2011 8:37am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Wii-Soul.Calibur.Legends-USA.torrent (United Kingdom) says...
30th August 2011 5:30am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Amari (Thailand) says...
download Winrar and open one file in it the rest should be simple from there
8th August 2011 10:15am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Dylan (Nintendoland) says...
Is there a way i can combine all these files into 1 iso? cause i use USB loader
15th July 2011 6:53am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
MAtad (Pakistan) says...
All the torrents from the usa ISOs page are .iso, right?
9th May 2011 7:13am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
IMpURE (China) says...
Is this torrent passworded?
5th May 2011 7:40am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
marcelopmed (Indonesia) says...
2nd May 2011 9:54am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
gala (Germany) says...
Modchip: Wiikey 2 DVD+R: Memorex Burn Speed: 2x
29th April 2011 12:08pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
yo (UK) says...
is this game working for anybody? cuz i burnt it and then i press start on the games menu and it sais cannot read disk
17th April 2011 6:02pm
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